Le Gran Pavon
(The Great Peacock)

30” by 20”

Authentic Lithograph with Hand Signature by Salvador Dali

In May of 2008, an original Dali oil painting came up for sale at Christie’s in New York, carrying an estimate of $60,000 to $70,000. The bidding was frantic and competitive. By the time the hammer fell, the painting had sold for over $250,000 – more than three times its high estimate. Why?

The Invisible Harp
Le Gran Pavon

For starters, the painting, Le Gran Pavon, is visually stunning; with the vibrant colors of the peacock’s plumage and the noble way it struts in the presence of angels and other figures. The paint has an iridescent quality– not unlike the actual bird itself, which Dali embraced as a subject in his Mythology print series, with a work titled Argus. The appeal of this subject was irresistible to Dali – and the desirability of this striking painting was not lost on crowd at Christies who battled to own it.

Le Gran Pavon seems like the perfect subject matter for the colorful, often resplendently-dressed Dali. At least one journalist once good-naturedly described Dali as “strutting around like a peacock!” That confidence was well earned by perhaps the hardest-working artist of his time, who trumpeted his success with unabashed pride.

The peacock, of course, figures prominently in something Dali profoundly admired: Greek mythology, particularly in the story of Argus, a giant with one hundred eyes. It’s known that the peacock is an ancient symbol of eternal life and the “all-seeing” church. It also represents resurrection, renewal and immortality – themes Dali had touched in various manifestations throughout his diverse and prolific career. In addition, some schools of thought compare the modern-day peacock to the resurrecting phoenix of ancient Greek mythology, which also sported colorful plumage, with a tail usually of gold and scarlet.

Le Grand Pavon’s splendid array of colors are contrasted with several far simpler but iconic “Dalinian” elements, including a winged angel soaring behind it and one in a contemplative pose, seated at lower right. The aforementioned suggestion of immortality and resurrection seems to accord well with these delightful, more freely sketched elements. The two earthly figures over which the great bird towers are a well-known image in many Dali works – both paintings and prints – denoting Dali and his father, walking hand-in-hand.

What may make this work so highly collectible is, ironically, its simplicity. Guided by angels and seemingly worshipped by the small figures before it, the central image of the great peacock is commanding in its dazzling splashes of reds, gold, blue and green while strutting through a Dalinian landscape. It exudes a kind of singular strength of spirit and a passion that reveals the unmistakable and inimitable technique of Salvador Dali’s brushwork: pure and simple, yet irresistibly stunning.

The Print with an Original Dali Signature

The Invisible Harp
Each work bears the hand signature of he Maestro, Salvador Dali

Still, there is more to the story…

In the collection of The Salvador Dali Archives you will find two examples of the hand signed lithograph Le Gran Pavon. Le Gran Pavon was a painted by Salvador Dali Dali in 1979 with the intention of it becoming a limited edition lithograph. Dali’s manager, Enrique Sabater, owned the painting, the rights, and even the paper Salvador Dali had pre-signed for the edition. In this period Dali would pre-sign the paper for an entire edition, then the paper, along with the original work, would be sold to a publisher; in most cases, Bill Levine, whose company Levine and Levine published many Dali works. However, as the artist’s health faded, Le Gran Pavon – like other works slated to be made into limited editions – was never produced.

But Le Gran Pavon was the most beautiful of the unpublished works. So in 1996, Bill Levine purchased the painting, the paper, and the rights from Mr. Sabater, with the expressed intention of completing the task the Maestro had envisioned seventeen years earlier. Mr. Levine brought the pre-signed paper to Albert Field at the Salvador Dali Archives in Astoria, New York, who authenticated the originality of the signature by signing and dating the back of each work (see photograph). The vision for Le Gran Pavon, would soon become a reality.

One of the original publishers, who at one time owned the original painting, held back over half of the small edition of 220. They have engaged Dali.com, The Salvador Dali Society to put them on the market.

The Invisible Harp
Each of the hand signatures by Salvador Dali was authenticated by Dali Archivist Albert Field, who indicated such by signing the back of the paper.

The Dali world is abuzz with the release of this work. Mr. Frank Hunter, President of The Salvador Dali Archives and successor to Mr. Albert Field will provide a letter authenticity confirming that he has personally inspected and authenticated each work. Mr. Peter Lucas, AAA, an acquaintance and publisher of Salvador Dali, who today is a certified member of the prestigious Appraisers Association of America,has personally examined each work as well and will provide a letter of authenticity and an appraisal in the name of the buyer.

Dali.com -Salvador Dali Society – long known for bringing its clients exceptional opportunities for hard to find works – has negotiated a price for Le Gran Pavon far below its previous sale price. We understand that many individuals wish to collect Dali but are being priced out of the market for hand signed works. Consequently, we negotiated a price that would allow these collectors to finally own a beautiful and authentic, hand-signed Salvador Dali.

If you contact The Salvador Dali Society at 1-888-888-DALI (3254), or, if you’re overseas, at 310-533-1333, we will be more than to answer all of your questions.

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The Invisible Harp
Salvador Dali Archives Authentication

Le Gran Pavon has previously sold for thousands of dollars.

At this time we are only accepting reservations for:
Le Gran Pavon, an authentic Salvador Dali lithograph with a hand signature for $995. Your will also receive..

- a letter of authenticity from The Salvador Dali Archives. (no charge)

- A personalized appraisal and second authenticity from Peter Lucas, AAA. (no charge)

- An Archival Frame. (no charge)

A limited number will be offered before the price increase so call now to reserve yours.

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The Invisible Harp
Le Gran Pavon Framed