The New Jerusalem

Salvador Dali

In 1950 Salvador Dali began to undergo a marvelous spiritual transformation. He was forty six years old and began reflecting on his beloved mother who died at the same age.

But like anything that Dali did, his faith was not bound by the borders that divide religions. Dali studied all religions and began to incorporate the fragments of each that had meaning to him, into his works of art. His love of science, specifically quantum physics also found their way into his religious works.

The New Jerusalem
The Harbringer Messaiah
The Harbinger Messiah

While some of his works showed messages of Catholicism and others of Judaism, it would take Dali thirty years to create a perfect visual representation of his religion. It came in the form of a glorious painting entitled Hermes (Descharnes and Neret Dali the Paintings #1523).

Dali - The Holy Family

This little oil on lasting copper shows in all the colors of the rainbow the mighty messenger of the Olympian gods in flight across sky, bringing the dazzling message of rejuvenation, faith and godliness to Mankind, as represented by a worshipful, torch-bearing mortal--perhaps Adam, perhaps Dali himself—-to the god’s right.

This glorious, painterly declaration of Dali’s faith today hangs in the Queen Sofia Center Art Museum in Madrid. Most collectors will never lay eyes on this magnificent work of art. However the message and imagery of this work were foreshadowed one year earlier when Dali created New Jerusalem.

This set of two hand signed lithographs by Dali come from his study of the Book of Revelations. Dali’s work is an expression of the second creation of heaven on earth where true believers will spend all eternity with their Maker.

In colors as dazzling as those of Hermes he depicts the Messiah in the form of a woman leading a horse, that most spiritual of beasts as attested by the German Expressionist Kandinsky. Joining her in this collection is The Harbinger, the flower-covered mystic messenger, who carries like Hermes the message from Almighty God that divine deliverance and eternal life are within mankind’s grasp.

Whatever faith the dedicated Dali collector embraces, whether it be the strict Catholic Catechism or Hebraic Talmudism or scientifically derived humanism, this set of fine art lithographs embodies the heartfelt belief of the artist that life has meaning and hope of salvation will prevail for us all. This was one of the very last collections of lithographs Dali created. With it, The Great Surrealist left us with his message of immortality and faith.

6120 Dali - Equestrian Fantasy
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